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Excerpt – Idyllic in Wisconsin

Two boys catching frogs by a pond

Excerpt – Idyllic in Wisconsin

“Little did I know that the following spring would nearly end my life and Bobby’s life on this very creek. Upstream from Bobby’s house were the railroad tracks where we would catch frogs in the early spring when our cold-blooded victims were slow to respond as we encroached upon them ever so slowly. Using our cat-like reflexes we would pounce and grab the frog. We were great hunters back then. We didn’t know what to do with the frogs so we let them go. We did not even know why we wanted to catch them. We just knew it was fun. A stupid adult would simply say that is what little boys do. Adults do not understand us little boys. As the snows melted the creek would rise and this spring it was over the bank into the trees…”

Barron, Wisconsin

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